Monday, April 21, 2008

A tear comes to my eye..

Oh, my heavens! Sooooo much I miss of you all! My heart hurts thinking of all the photos and blog posts I've been missing. I want so much to just forget about my determination to stay focused and spend the day gazing at the hundreds of pieces of passion I've been skipping over everyday. My! How I long to go and comment each one- Justin, I saw in my morning's glance that spring has sprung in New Jersey! So pretty! And Don, I haven't dared to venture back to your page after commenting so many shots last visit, but no worries, I'll be back soon.

And while I've only mentioned the two, I do miss Sebastian, Archie, Maryam, Diane, Jill, Otto, Elizabeth and MeRa and all of you, I do. Things are coming along tho, soon I'll be back, because most of all I miss shooting and posting. Oh how I miss it so! My brother has taken his camera-the extension of my right arm- back for his various vacations and I've been left with a point and shoot. I feel so naked without it. Oh well.. I'll steal back it from him when he returns.

Here are some shots I took in late March(before my arm was amputated, lol) of the little sisters-