Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moroccan Hearts

So, I've come to the realization that it may not be clear to many people why I went to Morocco in December.

Well, starting from the very beginning, my sister dated a Moroccan who introduced me to the idea of Morocco, it's beauty, the idea of going there, marrying a Moroccan(his brother) and living there. He often told me that I'd be treated like a princess there, and I was young and I am a complete romantic, so though he and my sister didn't stay together, this exotic idea really stuck with me. I liked it. I researched and fell in love with Morocco, Moroccans, Moroccan music, and even stuff that was close to it. I began browsing myspace for Moroccan friends, and came up with quite a few.Somehow my name even started coming up when people browsed Moroccans on myspace. It became what I called "the country of my heart", I was considered by my Moroccan friends as Moroccan, and it became my dream to journey to Morocco.

I also realized that many of you have likely seen pictures of me there with a native, looking, well umm, a bit friendly and I haven't explained why or who he is. Well, that Moroccan boy's name is Yassine.

Yassine and I met on myspace. We met in June of 2007 and became really fast friends. We had a lot in common and talked just about everyday. I really couldn't plan my days without having time to talk to him. I guess you could say I was addicted. He made me laugh. He made me smile. He made me happy. He was So sweet and respectful and I was pretty much in awe.

At the time we met I was in a relationship that had lasted about a year(long distance relationship). The guy and I had tried to meet, but nothing seemed to be working. He was very defeatist about the whole thing and needless to say, it wasn't going to work out. Meanwhile, during all of my relationship drama, I was determined not to let the wonderfulness of the boy, named Yassine, go to waste. So I thought of girls I could set him up with, but not just any girl, I had to know she was as great. So of course, a best friend was my first choice, but somehow they never really clicked, which was a bit disappointing.

Having just gotten out of a long distance relationship, that was the LAST thing I wanted to get myself back into. It was crushing to feel like I has wasted a year, but everything happens for a reason, right? So, Yassine and I, were best friends by now. Still talking everyday, telling eachother EVERYTHING, and of course, as I'm sure all of you can forsee at this point, we started "dating." The online way, of course, so basically just saying we were boyfriend/girlfriend (not the term I prefer, but oh well)..

To make a long, sappy, love story short... I was happy, genuinely happy. I was at peace and everyone who knew of Yassine was still cautious, but peaceful too. And best of all he was patient and often reminded me, "I'm ready to wait for the rest of my life just to hug you." Now, if you ask me, THAT is a man to keep and I did precisely that.

About a year and a half of patient/impatient at times/ chatting and waiting past before I was able to go to Morocco and meet him in person. I took my sister, Hope, with me as my body/emotionguard, just in case (LOL, and all around travel companion. We arrived in Morocco and everything was as I imagined. Hope approved not long after she met him. His family treated us as their own and we had an awesome 10 day trip. Actually, "awesome" is a bit of an understatement, I didn't want to leave(of course..)..

It has been 8 months since we said goodbye at the Casablanca Airport and TODAY our wait for "together again" comes to an end! Yassine will be here @ 12:40pm Chi time, 6:40pm Casa time and he will be here and staying for 2 years! I'm so excited. This has been a dream of his since forever and I'm so glad that I'm here living it with him. I can't wait to see him!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wedding: Grimwood

A long awaited post, thank you for your patience, Don and Kittie. Here are a few favorite people shots from the Grimwood wedding.