Monday, March 29, 2010

Jakey - 3 months - March 21, 2010

As Promised, here is little Jakey - Thanks Joe, Jenny, Little Joey and Jakey for a great shoot! Have fun in Florida!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break

So I've been on spring break all week and taking more of a mental break than anything else. I've needed it. I've been so burnt out creatively lately, going nutty over every single photo assignment. So I've been spending my days either playing Super Mario Bros. on Wii, watching my brother's wife, Hana, and Yassine play, working out, or shopping... I've also been thinking a bit about some of the projects I have coming up as well as shooting.

I've had two baby shoots within a week's time and have another baby shoot shortly.
Here are my favorites from the first-

and a sneak peek of the second-

I've also booked a wedding for early April and all the jobs mentioned are paid so, thank God, I'm surviving financially. I'd really like an assisting/second shooter job, right about now, but all in God's time.

I've been getting better at work flow, so hopefully, I'll be posting more often. There are no promises tho seeing as Midterms and Finals are coming soon and are quite close together. So Anyway, ciao for now. :)

ps. H|Photography has reached 141 fans on Facebook!! Thank you to those of you who follow, I really appreciate your support!

Monday, March 8, 2010

breaking point

missing travel. no, the constant nomadic back and forth between my house and my sister's does NOT count. i miss airplanes, and airports, and having an 18hr excuse to look like crap in public, authentic food everyday, people who are naturally hospitable, and being surrounded by inspiration daily. i miss culture.

aye. college.

all i'm saying is that spring break is going to have to do a lot of rockin'.

east coast, anyone?