Sunday, December 24, 2006

One of My Own: Christmas Shopping

I thought I'd share a picture I took on Wednesday at Oakbrook Mall. I thought it may festivize(yes, I just made up that word) my blog a little. The clarity is not perfect or anything, but I still like it. Thank you, Hope, for suggesting I take this picture. I think it turned out relatively well for a night shot with no flash and a tired hand. Haha, I shopped so much that day, but I had just bought something for my habibi so I was quite cheery, even though I was tired.

Anyway, it's Christmas Eve, and I'm thinking I better tend to some of the presents awaiting wrapping paper and bows.

Ps. I'll be posting a Holiday '06 album on Flickr soon. Right now, the mass uploader isn't working right *grrr*.

1 comment:

My Marrakech said...

Wowza. This looks absolutely amazing. No such lights displays here. sniff.

PS And I am sure that the habibi will appreciate the little gifty.