Monday, December 25, 2006

One of My Own: Oh Christmas Tree

So I was awake at 9:15 this morning, and it's 10:07 and my brother has still not brought his butt across the street. Go figure. So we're waiting for he and his girlfriend to get here before we open presents. Hurry up, Jeremy!!

Ok so while I'm waiting, I'll post a pic that I took this morning at like 4:15 or something, when we finally were done wrapping and had brought everything down to the living room. Look at the twinkling lights!! And all those presents! Should be a *wonderful* morning. *BIG SMILES*


My Marrakech said...

So much loot. Yay! So what did you get?!

Intisar said...

Maryam- I got just about everything I wanted actually.. Diesel shoes, a HP picture printer, another "Moroccan" lanturn, a bracelet, a breast cancer awareness keychain, a knitting book, a desert cook book, candles much stuff... How was your Christmas? Did Santa bring you Molton Brown Warmth products?