Tuesday, January 9, 2007

My Own: More on Sequence

These were taken in April of 2005, before I was an aspiring photographer, at a Cubs vs. Pirates game. The quality isn't the best, but I still think these are quite awesome. If the third was a bit more in focus and others a bit more centered I think it'd be the perfect trio. But again, this is before I was as into photography as I am now.


My Marrakech said...

GREAT! my own pics are so awful. I just can't seem to master the digital. Almost everything is out of focus. I have heard of a new camera tailored for blogs which focuses on the middle image. Maybe that's what I need. What do you think?

Intisar said...

What type of digital do you have?It's possible that your settings may be a little off. My camera has like 3 settings for flash and shutter speed- Flash, Slow flash and No flash. I use flash for just about everything, although the camera automatically senses the light and the flash will only go off if yu need more light. So the point of having flash on is for the shutter speed(faster the better, for focus). Slow flash I rarely use, but sometimes it gives funky effects, and No flash is good for night shots but make sure that your camera is on nightshot or you may just have black pictures.

My biggest problem was night shots, where just the slighest move would throw the lighting ten different directions and I'm not one to read user manuals, so taking some time to play with all the settings definately helped in my case.

But based of my (limited) experience all I can say is if you are comforable/confident with the camera, you'll take good pictures, and playing with it helps get you to that point.