Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another Brilliant Photographer: Larry Broder

My friend, Maryam in Marrakesh, and I have such similar tastes sometimes it frightens me. Through her blog, My Marrakesh, I happened on a new photographer idol. Ok, not idol, but someone to look up to- Larry Broder. When I saw the review Maryam had done on Larry, explaining his experiences in Morocco, I went to his site and started to click around. Not only did I find many wonderful shots of Morocco, but of, Peru, Italy and others. As I studied each shot, I noticed that he shoots photos in quite a similar way to the way I prefer to shoot- naturally.

I admire photographers who have an appreciation for nature, and I admire even more, those who have developed a technique that allow the shots roll out in such a way that make they look so real that they're surreal. All without the aid of computers, so I know he is one good photographer.

In my opinion, what makes a photographer is not his accolades, who he's worked with, or even where he has shot, but the ability to see an opportunity for a beautiful shot through his own eyes and stay true to it with the eye of a camera. That's just what Larry does, he sees something, captures it, and stays true to it's original colors and light showing it's real beauty, so when you look at the photo compared to the place or thing itself, you see no difference. This is what I aspire to be as a photographer.

*All photos provided by Natural Light Photography- Larry Broder


My Marrakech said...

Gorgeous review, Intisar:-) The photos you have selected are *amazing*. Love those perspectives.

Don said...

A fine series of pictures. I liked reading your view of what photography should be about.

My Marrakech said...

You have been stumbled! Come look. And BTW, I need the phone number of you know who.

Hadassah Intisar said...

I was happy to do this review. Larry is a great inspiration.

Thank you, Maryam for "Stumbling" me, your review was very sweet. Oh and I emailed you the number :)

casapinka said...

So could just stare at his photos endlessly.