Monday, February 5, 2007

I've Blown the Surprise

Now that I've blown my birthday surprise, I am going to spill my guts.

I was so devastatingly nuts when I realized what I had just seen, I think I swore over 50 times in the course of 7-10mins. I felt horrible. I mean I wanted to know what it was, but I didn't, you know. I like surprises, and I secretly liked the torture they were giving me by saying that it was the best present ever, but never telling me what it was. AHHHH!!! Why did I open mom's mail. I SWEAR, I only thought it was an advertisement. Why would the envelope say "After 5 Days Return To: Customer service", on the out side? I guess there is a reason to listen to your gut when it says, "I wonder how mad dad will be if I open this?" A reason not to reason with yourself, "It's only and Ad, he won't care. Plus, I'm technically E.A. Bullis now, right?"

So, I opened it.

There was a Netflix ad, "Ok, it is only some Netflix words "John Mayer" I closed the envelope and tossed it across the counter.

"Oh sh*t! I did NOT just see what I thought I saw?!?!"
"Oh God, I'm and idiot! This is bad, REALLY Bad! Sh*t!... Sh*t!" "F*ck! Why?!?! Why send my birthday present to E.A. Bullis?!? For all intents and purposes, I'm E.A. Bullis! I DO I carry her credit card.. AHHHH!!!! WHY, PEOPLE, WHY?!?!?!?"

After swearing a couple thousand more times, I went upstairs and called Hope's cell, no answer, so I left a message, hung up, and continued my swearing fit..

"Why people, why? You said 'Don't open anything addressed to [YOU]!!'"
"They were right tho, other than a trip to Morocco, this is best
birthday present ever! I never would have guessed."
I guess, I'm just thankful now that I didn't throw it away. How devastating would that have been? I'm glad I have a habit of opening junk mail.

So I was a little stressed, ok, a LOT stressed, not to mention mad at myself for opening it, i knew how disappointed Hope would be if she didn't pull off her WHOLE surprise, not to mention now she can't torture me anymore. Seriously tho, Ads! I thought they were ads! To cool off a little I had a mini photo shoot, of some frost on my window(I'll post that separately) and waited for Hope to call back.

She called back and explained, she had to address it to the name on the credit card and she didn't think I would open Mom's mail. Since I knew what it was, she told me that the plan was that all my brothers and sisters (minus Ricky) would meet at Hope's work and we'd head out from there to "pick out [my] present together". We'd drive to Northern Ill. University and when I saw John Mayer in lights I'd freak out and realize what was happening. Somehow they may have been able to pull all that off, because I'm usually oblivious, but I think I would have thought something funky was up when All 5 of us, plus a girlfriend and a friend, had to be together to "pick out" my present.. Anyway, we determined that it's Dad's fault. He was supposed to keep the mail out of the mailbox.... lol Somehow, I got to it today before he could.

So, YES, Hope IS the best sister in the world, and somehow she topped last year's, although that was pretty darn amazing and maybe 15 times more conniving.


Don said...

And what a surprise it was! Very entertaining explanation.

My Marrakech said...

What a lovely family you have, Intisar.:-)