Saturday, February 17, 2007

Thank you!

You know, I love my friends! Even those of you whom I have only just become acquainted with. I find only the best support from all of you and you have no idea how much it means when I find a comment in my inbox from one of you. I get this huge smile on my face and get all excited to read what you have to say, or ask in some cases. I absolutely love it! Your comments and support are what I seem to find myself leaning on when I start to feel like this career choice may not work out or when I feel like my journey to Morocco is a dream light years from becoming reality. So I'd like to thank you, especially those of you who have encouraged me to go keep pushing towards Morocco. I believe that dream is about to come true and I couldn't have gotten there without the support and encouragement of my friends: Eleni, Maryam, Steffi, Karim, Jill, Pink, Liosliath. Tho many of you may not really know me all that well and maybe only left one or two comments here, I still really appreciate you.

As for my photographic endeavor supporters: Hope, Maryam(again :)), Ben, Don, Jay- Thank you, for the tips, tricks, inspiration, opinions, and support. It means a lot to know that you think I can actually take hold of this ambition and make something out of it.

My photo offering for today has absolutely nothing do to with my thankfulness....

...but I thought it was funny, perfect, placid, fresh snowfall all interrupted by a squirrel trail from one tree to another in my backyard. The angles really caught my eye, and I really love the tree shadows.


Don said...

I too like the lines in the picture. Good that you saw the captured them well.

StefanieTengler said...

I guess it is time to leave my first comment, so you at least know that I am actually really reading your blog. If only I could write so much... Sometimes I think of quiting my blog, cuz it seems the nobody ever reads it. lol...But in some way it helps me to get out everything I have to say. About the journey we are going to talk soon, he!?? And by the way...only 2 days missing..... :) Kisses

Hadassah Intisar said...

I'm glad you like it, Don.

Steffi, You're so awesome! And I do read your blog btw..