Sunday, March 4, 2007

My Own: Moroccan Weekend

Our Saturday night was filled to overflowing with Moroccan love; from food, to belly dancers, to houkah, to music. It was a lot of fun! Usually our Saturdays are Moroccan, somewhat anyway, because we go out with our friend, Youssef, but tonight was special. I was actually pulled from my table to dance with the belly dancer at a friend's restaurant, Tagine. I have to say, I probably suck, but I love trying anyway.. Now, I know this isn't like photographic genius, but I still really like how the movement was captured in this shot.

The photos below show friends dancing at Barba Yianni. A greek place not far from Tagine. Every Saturday they have live music and you can dance all night long, and we did- until 4 am.

This night was one of few that I have spent with Moroccan women, who are so much fun btw, and of course I loved every minute! Above are Oumnia and Hasna, and then, Oumnia and the Birthday Girl(never heard her name). Friends Sabeen and of course Youssef, were also there with my sister, Hope, and I and I'm tell you, the music was awesome.

Speaking of music, Nancy Ajram is coming to Chicago! Yipee!

More pictures from our Moroccan Weekend here.

*Note* I was asked to remove, for religious reasons, the pics that were formerly attached to this post.


Anonymous said...

I love everything Moroccan, thanks for sharing beautiful pictures and expressing the beauty of Moroccan music.

Hadassah Intisar said...

I also love all things Moroccan, as you can probably see here, so you are VERY welcome! :)