Wednesday, May 30, 2007


So we(my dad, his wife, me and my little sisters) made a trip to Indianapolis for Memorial Day to visit some friends. I guess I was subconsciously observing the twins Monday because I noticed while I was browsing through the weekend's photos that there were a lot of shots of them. They were acting really "twin like"- dressed alike(which is no longer a common occurrence), doing a lot of hugging, copying, and tagging along. And what I really love is, they do all that but still somehow maintain their individual personalities.
Charity is goofy, REALLY goofy, and really artistic.
Faith is the boss, she is mature and is very mindful of other people.

They both can be SUPER outgoing and then they can also be really shy. I guess it just depends on who they are around, and really most kids are like that.
The three girls in order of age: Charity, Faith and Joy.
Dad's twin ankle weights... Charity(top) and Faith(bottom).
While Faith is often overpowering(the boss type), yet reserved.I was digging their French braids that I did in the car on the way home from Indy. They were really acting like twins, which I love! They matched exactly except Charity's braid had a pink hair tie and Faith was wearing her "Moroccan" slippers (made in Pakistan) instead of her pink crocs. I don't know what it was about it, but I just love when they are like this.

3 comments: said...

A delightful series of your trip and the time you spent with the twins. The images are very nice. I especially like the three together and the two hanging around the legs! I have twin grandsons and have watched how they enjoy a unique togetherness even when being social and with other people. Fine photo work and interesting comment.

Intern said...

A very delightful set of images...good to hear about your trip ...

Hadassah Intisar said...

Thank you and Thank you :)

I like spending time with them. I haven't spent nearly enough so far this year because they are in school full day. When I do get time with them, I try to give 'em some positive attention. We talk, adult to really mature munchkin, it's really quite nice. That day we were talking about Morocco and their need of new Moroccan slippers.