Friday, June 8, 2007


Storm clouds, calm before the storm clouds, wisps and horsetails, puffy ones and ones that look like fields of cotton- there are so many different types of clouds. I used to know all the scientific names, but I have since forgotten how to identify each type. Anyway, as you can see, they fascinate me and this week end I was able to see many different types. There were night storms and morning calms, it was very beautiful. These are in chronological order from Friday evening to Sunday evening.
Friday after a storm.
From the window of the Loews Cinema

Saturday evening
Horsetails and so many others!

Sunday morning right after my hosta shots, before church..God's here :)
I think maybe momma is too ;)
Look at the dimensions, that cloud was HUGE!

3 comments: said...

A beautiful series of cloud shots showing the full range of types and kinds...almost like moods. I especially like the change in color - warm to cool in the various pictures. The skies do proclaim the work of His hands!

Luke said...

great shots, I particularly like the first one with the sunbeams back lighting the lamppost.

Hadassah Intisar said...

Don- AMEN!! :)

Luke- That ones's my favorite too..