Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fenced in Shadows : Second Post today

One thing that constantly catches my eye at this park is the fence, but more than that this trip was the fence's shadow. It was intriguing to me. I also like the sky against the green in these shots. Just a really pretty contrast to me.

China is T minus 2 days, by the way. My brother leaves in the morning for Shanghai and he'll be meeting up with us in Beijing later next week. It has still not really hit me that I'm leaving in like a little over 48 hrs..I'm not rushing.. I'm not freaking out.. I'm like totally mellow and I have a TON to do still. We'll see what happens when I finally realize what is going on.

1 comment:

don said...

The fence theme and its shadows are the ingredients for some fine pictures. Well done. Have a great trip!