Thursday, August 16, 2007

China Saga- Chapter 2


Okay, I'm freaking out. Pitta Plus- a pita place in China! Houkah in China! I'm like in Heaven. There's baklava too, my Lord SO loves me.
I know I promised myself I wouldn't talk about food, but I felt this deserved it. Everything tasted so great.

Temple of Heaven was beautiful as always but a bit eerie because of the smog from the pollution. I took pictures as well as video there.
Hong Qiao Pearl Market followed. There I took pictures to send to Beata(brother's girlfriend), Susan's(our pearl lady) selection is much wider and I think I decided that I want a blue sand ring this time- it's quite a pretty stone.

Click here for this Chapter's shots.

Something that I hadn't written in this entry was that at River of Grace church that morning I met a girl named Laurel from Arkansas. She was there interning for the summer at our friend's foster homes. Later on in the trip saga there will be many encounters with shots of Laurel. She is beautiful and very photogenic so it was really easy to take shots of her candidly(my favorite way). I became pretty good friends with her and hopefully we'll be able to keep in touch.

Another thing is that because of the lack of religious freedom in China we go to River of Grace, which is a church strictly for foreigners. The only actual Chinese you see there are adopted children.


don said...

Very interesting comment and pictures. Religious oppression is so prevalent in the world...and has been that way since the beginning of the gospel.
I really enjoyed your pictures.

Intern said...

Wonderful images and very interesting text to go with it.