Monday, August 27, 2007

China Saga- Chapter 4

Hi everyone, thank you SO much for the comments on the last post! I'm glad y'all are enjoying this second hand trip to China.

I'd like to apologize for my lack of posting last week. I really have no excuse, other than being stuck in a good book, but maybe also because, I'm getting bored of editing and frustrated with the slowness of the process(because of the amount and Lightroom being pretty slow these days). So here is "Chapter 4".

To answer Don's question from the last post, I'm not sure if I will be posting like that.. What I may do is go and caption a few of them in Fotki. Whatever I do, I'll be sure to let you know.

I've also been a busy photographer the past few days.. many shots have been taken! ;) Tonight I'll see what I can get of a Lunar eclipse

Today has been interesting. From the hotel to Tiananmen Square to the Forbidden City, to lunch, to Baihi (spelling?) park, to Lang Fang, such a busy day. There were so many complaints, about everything, but still I had a lot of fun, I'm getting to know Liz better and I'm learning to hold my tongue and handle with care those who annoy me.

The American mentality to be spoiled and picky has really been on my mind. It drives me up a tree. There is so much pride in it. Why can't we just humble ourselves and be open to new things? There is nothing wrong with change, we need to change. Pastor Jordan preached that on Sunday. We need to change, the American race needs to lose it's prideful, "better than you", attitude. Our eyes need to be opened to see how horrid our actions are portrayed.~~~

I'm not remembering what had happened that day, but obviously I was a bit annoyed. People who haven't been out of the United States are hard to travel with, especially in a third world country. I'm sure these Americans were really appreciating their home when they got back.

This chapter's shots are *here*


don said...

This chapter has a fine collection of interesting shots.
I couldn't comment on all that impressed me. You were in some interesting places. We Americans quick to judge others and where, and how they live. It's very difficult to shake the "Ugly American." attitude.

ChaCha said...

Coool series of shots...

Sidney said...

Looks like everybody had a lot of fun.
I love to travel and learn about other cultures.

jelb said...

Well done blog..Des impressions de voyage intéressantes..Des photos bien choisies !.. Bravo

Mélanie said...

I can't wait to see your pictures of lunar eclipse !!

Sarah Dennis said...

Hadassah, you inspire me. Your trip to China sounds fantastic. I love to travel and I love learning about different cultures. I travel alot by myself because I have no time for close minded people.

Thanks for stopping by T&T.


Hadassah Intisar said...

Glad to hear that some of you agree with me, and flattered that Sarah said I inspire her! Wow! Such a complement!

Thanks to all of you, for coming over to my photoblog, and taking the time to see my pics and read my posts.

Anonymous said...

Gotta update your links to this set of pics... :)

Hadassah Intisar said...

Thanks for the heads up, I didn't realize the link was broken. Updated.