Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Autumn Colors

I was in the mood to shoot the other day, after finding the pretty little red tree, and this beautious yellow tree was staring me straight in the eye, just begging for me to take it's portrait. It's about a 5min walk from my house and can be seen from any east facing window.

I was busy helping my sisters with homework so by the time I got to it the sun was setting, and setting fast, casting this reddish pink glow on everything. I think it only added to the Autumn beauty.

****I failed to point out that I walked over to take these.. sorry..


don said...

Three fine autumn-time shots. I agree. The warm, late afternoon light in the fall adds a special quality and color to everything. I like the ruddy glow of the trees.
This is a fine view out of your window too...and one you can watch right on through the winter. A very nice post, Hadassah.
Thanks for all your visits and comments. It's always nice to see your name appear!

intern said...

Lovely Fall Color images ... I think it came late, but now the colors are everywhere. lovely shots.