Sunday, February 3, 2008

Clarke House

Clarke House, 1847 S. Indiana Ave.

Built in 1836 for Henry B. Clarke, the Clarke House Museum is Chicago’s oldest house. It is operated as a house museum by the Planning Division of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. This Greek Revival style house shows what life was like for a middle-class family in Chicago during the city’s formative years before the Civil War. It has survived fires and two moves, and is now located in the Prairie Avenue Historic District. Guided tours of the house are available. Clarke House presents an outdoor film festival during the summer, as well as other seasonal events and occasional exhibitions.

As copied from the City of Chicago website.

~Being built in 1836 and that it still standing, makes it one of the few houses that survived the Great Chicago Fire in 1871.

Whenever I take walks by Hope's house the gardens, surrounding the Clarke House, is the place I go. It's peaceful and inspiring nature is, I'm sure, what draws me.


don said...

I like how this historic place looks so distinctive and elegant in among all the modern looking buildings.
It's great that it survived the fires and that the city has maintained and supported this fine old structure.
Fine shot. Hadassah.

don said...

Thanks for your continued visits to my blog and for all the comments, Hadassah. You are a prime supporter! Have a great weekend!