Friday, October 17, 2008

Good Morning Autumn!

I'm very happy with the fall colors that have settled in the past few weeks. The cool air and the interestingly foggy mornings. An early morning in late September I woke up to go to shoot a funeral for a fallen soldier whom I knew nothing about. The story behind that, is somewhat of a weird one. Long story short: I was going to a military cemetery with some patriotic bikers one min and the next, I wasn't (due to a Harley starter issue). I was a bit disappointed when I looked outside. It would have been the perfect morning to be in a military cemetery with a camera. Not to be excited for a funeral or anything, but, with all due respect, I kinda was.

Take a look and tell me what you think. Would it have been a perfect morning, or what?

The fog enveloping the rows and rows of white headstones. Lending an eerie effect to the folding of the flag and the salute of gunfire. It seems kind of wrong to think that I would have enjoyed the tast of photographing it, but I would have loved to be able to capture that type of emotion. While myself, being overwhelmed by many thoughts, feelings, and the constant reminder of the reality that he was not the only one who died to keep us free.

For more shots of this foggy autumn morning see my fotki web album : Autumn Morning


don said...

A fine foggy morning series Hadassah. I especially like the light coming through the large tree trunks. All of the backlit images are enhanced with the element of fog. Nice work!

Diane - Daily Walks said...

These are beautiful and mysterious. As you know, I love that filtered light that is cast. I also really like the way that created this series as it gives the viewer a broader range of your experience.

Laurie said...

As the mom of a soldier, who spent 15 months in Iraq, your tale of the fallen soldier's funeral strikes my heart with a heavy chord.

I've heard of the biker's groups that attend these sad events regularly.

The atmosphere was certainly a somber and appropriate one for the event. Those are beautiful photos in your slideshow.

don said...

I had to leave a note for my friend, Hadassah today.
Thanks for the comment. I have lost track of where you are relative to shool or what you are doing these days. Take care.