Saturday, March 7, 2009

True to form..

I've not been blogging very often, so I have a lot to fill y'all in on.

Firstly, I turned 20!! Feb 21st :)
My family is pretty darn amazing. They threw me a surprise party. They invited people I had not seen in years and people who I'd never had expected to see.. My best friend from like grade school to junior high, Krista, was there. People I made my first actually memorable trip to China with, as well as those who came on my most recent trip. Hope's work friends. Archie. Not to mention, ALL of my siblings (Holy Crap) - all that AND they broadcast it to Morocco for my boyfriend, Yassine, it was pretty sweet. I don't know if those of you who were there read my blog, but if so, thank you so very much(!) for coming. It was pretty much the most special birthday I've had so far.

The party was photography themed, of course, being that it was my Gradbirthuation(?) If you didn't get that, it was my birthday and high school graduation combined. So my pictures were printed and hanging everywhere. They were even atop my cupcakes.
As I mentioned, Archie, who is one of my photo inspirations, was there, which was pretty cool and totally unexpected. He actually provided these pics - no one else took any that I know of - if you have some you'd like to share, feel free to email me @

As my dad proceeded to give me every camera he has ever owned, I noticed a trend. I was getting very impatient to open the final gift, the NIKON D700!! Heck yeah! and let me tell you, this is one awesome camera. I've been carrying it everywhere and have taken over 400 pics so far. I will totally be taking more, but I still have to use the N2020 for school. They are definitely fighting for my undivided attention, and as yet, the D700 is winning which is not helping for school.. I'm bad, I know..

Other than pushing myself to take film shots, school is going really well.. I have yet to scan the latest prints. I will soon, tho.

Well, there's the Update for now.. Hope you all are doing well!

Ps. If you haven't seen me on your blog lately, I'm just really busy. I'll get to them soon, and probably comment lots all at once ;)

All provided Photos were taken by Archie FlorCruz.

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Laurie said...

Woot! Happy (belated) Birthday to you...mine is also in February (28th)...but I'm

Sounds like you had a wonderful and exciting day. Congrats on the is such a great piece of equipment. Make sure you have the most recent firmware...there was a firmware update not too long ago and even though the camera is new, the firmware might be old. So check it out. You can go to the Nikon site for details and the updated firmware...piece of cake.