Monday, June 15, 2009

Going forward

Thursday, I watched (and documented) my oldest niece graduate junior high.

Friday, I shot the second annual "Unity in the Community" softball game for the Wood Dale Baseball Association.

Saturday, I edited, shopped and babysat.

Yesterday, I launched an H|Photography fan site on Facebook. I will be adding to is as often as I can. The Java based uploader on Facebook isn't very friendly with me, but I make it work when I can.

Today, I woke up earlier than normal to babysit and for some odd reason I was in a really good, take charge, productive mood(which never happens at 8:30am). I decided that I needed to get some things done. I started out checking Facebook, as usual, and got excited to see that I was gaining fans on my "page", ok, yeah, I admit, I got a little hyper about it(I love 'likes' and comments on my pics). Then I was vacuuming(love the dyson) and making beef stew that would cook all day. (Mmm, yeah, mom made me a "Susie Homemaker" type.) But to be honest, I didn't want to make dinner, or clean. I wanted to continue editing. I wanted to crank out another album or two for my fan page. I can't remember being more motivated to get editing done and I SO am. So anyway, continuing with my day... I decided that I need to set up a website, with the help of Ben(my brother the IT man of the house), and figure out pricing for the sale of photos, as well as services. Technically, this would become the foundation for my business and I'm getting really excited about it.

I've realized that this is my time to move forward. To pursue everything possible and gain experience. I am looking for an assisting job and hoping for some shadowing opportunities next month, or so. I am also lining up a few clients for later in the summer! As I said, moving forward and SO excited!!


don said...

You are a busy girl! I like all the things you're working on. I enjoy reading of your "day" on Facebook. Thanks for the nice words about river shot.

Laurie said...

You do seems to have a lot of energy to take on so many things.

I just want to let you know to be careful posting images on facebook...their terms of service with regards to their right to use your images and content as they please was a topic of some discussion a few weeks back...I'm not sure if they changed the terms but they were claiming ownership of all content including images. I "think" they caved in and reversed their position after many complaints, and loss of users...but I would be very careful and really read the TOS for Facebook.