Friday, July 31, 2009

Today: July 31,2009

Today, I will embark on an entirely new excursion. A journey not unplanned, not spontaneous, but uncharted. A trail not yet blazed will be today.

I will be shooting my first, ever....(wait for it)..... WEDDING!! OMGoodness! Excited and a bit frightened, but not a scared frightened, just an unfamiliar kind of frightened. Anyway, I have been assured over and over that I will be fine, and I'm choosing to believe that. I pray that the Lord open my eyes to every detail, large and small, which needs to be captured and that He will guide my hand and my mind to every correct setting. The bride as requested the most "stress free" day possible, so I will be doing my best to keep it that way, and I am sure He will too :)

I've studied many wedblog posts, sought much advice, and am feeling really good. So, alongside my D700, I've stocked my shootsac with Sb-800, 17-210mm f/3.5, 50mm f/1.8, an old school 28mm f/2.8, three 4G CFs, extra batteries, chargers, granola bars and water bottle. I will now embark on my journey. Won't you wait for my return?

Why, of course, my friends, I always return! Even if I am usually a bit late... ;)

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Laurie said...

I cannot wait to hear more about it. I hope it went really well and you will be able to share some of the photos here. It is such a loooong day.

I will be shooting weddings as a second shooter/assistant until I really get the feel for it, build up the confidence and competence, and decide if that is the way I want to go. There is a lot less stress on a second shooter/assistant.

Remember to burn all the original images to disk(s) right away. It is always a good insurance policy.