Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I am attempting a post from my new TMobile G2, Android, phone, so please forgive any errors, as this is just a test.

Last week much of the midwest (well, now that i think about it, much of the country) was plagued with crazy thundersnow. In Chicago, we actually experienced a blizzard, complete with 50mph winds and more than 18inches of snow which, with drifting, accumulated in some areas to around 3ft!

I, along with my Pj class, was assigned to shoot snow features for the Columbia Chronicle, our school paper. Unfortunately, with school closures and the time period of the storm, the school decided not to feature the storm. Nevertheless, I decided that I will, so here are a couple of the images I submitted:
And an extra:

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don said...

A fine series on the snowstorm. I especially like the man who appears up to his shoulders in snow and the action shot of the leaper! Fine work....to bad the paper decided it was too late to do the feature the storm.