Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finals! and a Commercial Ad

Hey everyone! Hope you're all well!

So sorry I missed our "date" last week, but I was immersed in the study of photojournalism during the Vietnam war, as well as, research on James Nachtwey. Sadly, I completely forgot it was Thursday!

Well, I am about to start working on finals, so I may be MIA for a couple weeks, but I'll try my best not to be.

My final projects include LOTS of photography work and quite a bit of studying: A Nutrition Final, PJ project on a Chicago Neighborhood, another Vintage Still Life shoot for Studio, a paper on James Nachtwey, and a paper on Photojournalists during the Vietnam War - PHEW! Man! it is going to be a LONG couple of weeks, but I'll push through!

Keep me in your prayers!

Here's a project that was due last night, in Studio 2 - Copying a Commercial Ad -

LOTS of Photoshop, that's all I'm going to say....

What do y'all think?


Hope said...

Holy crap, girlie!! GREAT job!

Raiden said...

really good