Monday, January 15, 2007

Abstract: Dizzying Qualities

I was playing with the settings of my camera on Friday night, trying to come up with a new myspace layout. The product of such playing was this-

A photo of curtains piled on my knee. But it's weird isn't it? I mean that's not what you'd think it'd look like. It's all twisted and dizzy, I don't even really know what it looks like. I guess it's kind of cool, Cool enough to post anyway.

This was the layout I came up with-

A 50 pixel black border, a dark grey mat, and a pile of curtains in the middle. All text is dark grey, with the acception of the emphasized text which is in bright purple.


My Marrakech said...

darling girl, why do you think that a pile of curtains represents you, I wonder? Although, it is undoubtedly an interesting pic.

pinkmohair said...

I never would have imagined that was curtains. Extraordinary among the ordinary.

Intisar said...

maryam, you always get me thinking..

pink, thanks for stopping by! it was wonderful to see you're name in my inbox this morning.

you know, you posted EXACTLY within 12hrs of eachother. That's kind of funny.

Don said...

I never would have guessed curtains, but your experimental approach resulted in a fine picture with lots of impact. Well done.