Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Ambitions and Goals

Maryam of My Marrakesh presented an interesting question, about Dizzying Qualities, to me last night. She asked, "darling girl, why do you think that a pile of curtains represents you, I wonder?" That type of question I knew I'd get someday from a professor with something to prove, but I definitely wasn't expecting it now. I didn't feel I was going to able to answer it.

So, Maryam, you had me thinking for quite sometime. Then I realized that when I changed majors, from fashion designer to photographer, I carried with me my ambitions and goals as an artist.

~ Find beauty in that which isn't beautiful, find extraordinary in the ordinary. ~

I've had the ability to do this in the past and I wasn't sure how exactly to express that with out sounding vain, until
Pink Mohair came in and said what she said, confirming my ability. That is when I realized that this has been my goal not only in art, but in life as well.

I have taken a risk to show that there is beauty in a culture that maybe thought, by the politically minded American, as rubbish; to show that there is something wonderful about it's people; to ask that they be given a chance. I'm not a rebel, but a reformer. And that is what La Vie Par Mes Yeux is all about- a chance for me to show the beauty I see, to others.

Here you can see the rest of that series of experimentation with my curtains. I will attempt to show more extraordinarily ordinary photos in the future as well.


My Marrakech said...

You know, I wasn't trying to test you - just wondering, Intisar dear.
I like #16 curtain the best. But I still think that for me, that does not quite represent you, at least for me - I am awaiting something more special, more special...i will know it when I see it.

Intisar said...

Ah Maryam, you are so wonderful, I know you weren't trying to test me. You just presented the question and I chose to test myself. :) Hmm, I am interested to know what will represent me, make sure you tell me, ok?

You know, now everytime I take a picture I'm going to think, "I wonder if this one's it?"

You make me think, Maryam, and I love it!

Angeline said...

keep on leaving us your beautiful moments