Thursday, January 25, 2007

Brilliant Eye: Mandolux- Darkness/Palm

*Photo Link- Darkness/Palm

I can't seem to get my mind off the exotic, the exotic Maroc, that is. Lately all I can think about is being there. I found this photo, "Darkness/Palm", at It reminded me of something you might see while roaming around on a warm summer night in Marrakech. I can definitely use the warmth(or at least the warm thoughts), being that it's -6˚C here.

My brother Ben told me about Mando's awesome photos. Mando Gomez is a desktopgrapher who specializes in desktop photos for multi-panelled monitors(something that Ben has) which are rare. It's fun to use his desktops for many different things.

You can also find Mando on Flickr at

**Based on a recent comment about needing permission to use Mando's photos in a blog, which I had no idea about, I have removed the photo from this post, but you can see it by clicking the link.


Don said...

An impressive piece of work. Well don.

Intisar said...

Don, if I could take credit for that picture I would, but that would be too wrong.

It was taken by Mando Gomez as it says in the article below it. His links are there also.

My Marrakech said...

I dear,
Your link shows a stuffed bear in a plastic baggie? Is that what you wanted?

Intisar said...

Haha, well, I just linked to his main page.. What I should have done was linked to his archive. Sorry, I was tired when I posted that one, I'll fix it momentarily.

zori de zi said...

Did you speak with Mando?I know you need his approval to use one of his photos on your blog.

Hadassah Intisar said...

Zori, I wasn't aware that you needed his permission since his photos are for free use. I gave him full credit and wasn't looking to make a profit on it. Still, I should have known, thank you for pointing it out. for now I just replaced his picture with a link. Next time I will definitely ask first.