Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Own: Weekend Shots

From the city to the suburbs, that's the spanse of my life here in Chicago. When I'm not at my house in the burbs, I'm at my sister's house in the city. I have to say, I am definitely a city girl- that's where I prefer to spend my time, but then sometimes, "there's no place like home". Sometimes....

My bedroom at home is a wonderful east facing room, with a row of three large windows. Each morning, through my pink and purple sheers, I get the beautiful, blinding sun, shining in my face. Despite the sometimes annoying 4:30am "peek-a-boo" over the horizon, I love my view and often take pictures of it.
In a few months, I may have the opportunity to have more space in the room across the hall (which would be nice, considering it's many functions; bedroom, classroom, chat room, office)but I won't likely take it. I have become too attached. There are so many memories here.

My sister's condo in the South Loop looks out over the entire south side, including US Cellular Field (formerly known as Comiskey Park) and parts of Indiana(on clear days). Talk about a view! I love to walk out on the balcony, and just take it all in.

Anyway, here are some shots I took this weekend-

First, sunset in the city on a cloudy Saturday night.

Then a snowy Sunday morning shot, out my window.
There are more pictures in this set here at my now unlimited, again (thanks, dad!), Fotki account.

Ps. I probably will not be posting too frequently in the coming weeks. My birthday is coming up and soon after (hopefully, Inshallah) a Morocco trip, so I am working furiously to get as much work possible done before the big 18 and the end of the month.


Hope (her effin sister) said...

So...You're gonna steal the right side of my bed more often, huh. Is that all I'm worth to you?? My view? I'm going to tape newspaper up on my windows and make you focus on ME for a change. Dangit! I don't have enough newspaper. Gonna have to steal the neighbors and save up. Grrr. : )

It's gonna be a GOOD birthday! Hee hee. The more torture the better.

Everyone - please remind Hadassah - she has the BESTEST sister EVER. JUST DO IT, okay? Trust me. It's true.

(You'll find out why after the 21st - it's too good for her to NOT post a blog about.)


Edward Ott said...

I just read through this huge picture book about Morrocco and i have been thinking of going ever sense. hope you have a great time.

Hadassah Intisar said...

Well Hope, I try to save the sentimental for emails... :P
By the way, she is the bestest sister ever, but I don't need awesome birthday gifts to point that out.

Thank you, Edward, for stopping by and thank you for nice wishes. I will tell you, Morocco is amazing, you will not be disappointed.