Monday, January 22, 2007

Country Of My Heart- Morocco

I am posting twice today because I have really been feeling love for my wonderful country of Morocco. When I say "my country", I mean the country of my heart, or where my heart takes residence. Morocco has been that place for about 2 years now and what started it all was the promise of a visit to Fes. Well, that promise has not yet come to fruition, but I am eagerly awaiting it's reality( and changing the destination to Marrakesh). In the meantime, I have grown to love everything Moroccan- the country, the culture, the people, the architecture, the design, the food, the caftan(oohhh the caftan! I can only wait to get married in such a beautiful work of art because I know I have to), and of course my wonderful Moroccan man *blushing*.

Such wonderful things bring me to my obsession with gathering as much as possible that reminds me of this lovely country- the beautiful photography of wonderful photographers who have been all over the country; converting my once Asian inspired bedroom to Moroccan inspired; finding as many Moroccan restaurants in Chicago as I can; and starting a collection of Moroccan lanterns.

I've seen things from the desert to the souks, the only thing I lack is to experience it first hand. Soon I will make the trip, inshallah. Until then I gaze on these pictures hoping somehow they will transport me to my "home". I hope you will enjoy them as much as I.




not sure(I'll have to ask, my labels are messed up)
Caftan- I want something like that white one when I get married.

I find many photos of Morocco, at these sights:
These are my favorite Moroccan Restaurants in Chicago:


Don said...

A wonderful series of pictures that go beautifully with the heartfelt sentiment you express about your country. Excellent work.

taamarbuuta said...

Just stumbled upon your blog in my daily search for Moroccan news (I live there currently).

The two unknown photos - the one on the left appears to be Essaouira, but I'm not sure.

If you want to check out my Morocco photos (over 2,000) of them, they're here:

taamarbuuta said...

That link should read:

Full word Morocco at the end.

My Morocco blog is:

Intisar said...

I'm glad these pics are being enjoyed :) It makes me so happy to see that there are people, other than family, enjoying this blog.

I do think that "unknown" picture on the left is Essaouira I will ask Habibi later tonight if he signs on.

taamarbuuta- Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your pictures. I see you have a Moroccan man too? How Awesome! AH! and I just saw that my dear friend, Maryam, has been to your blog too! Wow! What a small world!

I am like totally overjoyed here, like I'm on a sugar high... lol

My Marrakech said...

What a visual feast! and so nice to see your habibi and see he plays guitar (like mine).

Intisar said...

I forgot you hadn't seen any pics of him yet, Maryam. Well now that you know what he looks like, he won't have to wear the red star badge anymore... lol

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