Monday, January 22, 2007

My Own: Photoshop CS and the Wet Collection

So I've been kind of bad today- playing with Photoshop CS instead of writing a book report, but it's just so much more fun...I took these pictures for this express purpose, actually. Ok, so I know I should still be writing my report, so I am going to, right after I post.

These are what I've been playing with..

Photo 1: Neon Glow White
Photo 2: Invert
Photo 3: Neon Glow White w/ Deep Red Filter
Photo 4: Desaturate
Photo 5: Diffuse Glow
Photo 6: Neon Glow -1
Photo 7: Diffuse Glow, Neon Glow -1, Neon Glow -23

I don't think that it's all that hard to figure out what these are of- wet hair, but I do love how I can play with them. All from- the Wet collection

And also I'm happy today because there's only 29 days until I turn eighteen . Yippee!

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