Monday, February 12, 2007

More Birthday Fun?

Well, actually, yes, the twins had another birthday party. A second party is somewhat required with as large a family as ours, but my camera was set funky so no really good pictures came out of that.

Instead, I'll give you something from the past-

November 15th to be exact. This is my Other little sister, Joy. I've posted about her before, but she's just so darn photogenic and these pictures were too cute to keep to myself.
So here's a little about Joy- She is 5 years old and while she looks Japanese, like the twins, she also is Chinese. Her favorite things to do are; sing as loud as physically possible, dress up in tutus and princess clothes, do Disney character impersonations, and look at herself in the mirror. Oh yes, and recently she has taken up "telling secrets", which is really her way of saying she wants to talk to you.
Here she is doing what she does most days(if I let her)- laying on my bed staring at the mirror while wearing dress up clothes.

Here is another, that same day-

I like that these totally capture "Joy" and show so much about her charming little personality.

Ps. Maryam, that's my "Moroccan" room, still unfinished. I think my next post will be about the finished product. Hmm, if I could only do that by the end of the week AND finish American Lit... Wish me luck! :)


My Marrakech said...

Okay, those sisters of yours are all crazy beautiful and adorable. And the Moroccan room is coming along quite nicely it seems!

Gypsy Purple said...

How lovely!!!


Hadassah Intisar said...

Not only are they beautiful, they are hyper. Giggle monkeys, all of them :)