Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Covetousness and Getting Closer

Ok so my brother, yes, Ben, just bought one of the most beautiful digital cameras I have ever seen/held. Super high quality, 10MP, awesome lenses and he's getting all kinds of filters.... Oh my, am I coveting that thing! Get this tho, he said I can use it! *HUGE smiles* but of course, there's a catch.... I have to LEARN how, not just play with it. So I actually have to learn how to use his Pentax K 10D SLR and you know I'm not complaining. *sighs* It's gorgeous...

I don't have to covet it much
longer I don't think tho... He said that he'd drop some hints to my dad for my graduation present(as long as I finish, and let me tell you, with that as one of my incentives.... NO PROB).

Now for the "Getting Closer" portion of the title up there, it actually means quite a few things. The first thing I meant by it was- getting closer to the "boy", as I have been affectionately referring to him. For a week now, I've had permission to use our land line(sparingly) to call habibi(my love) in Morocco. So far, I've called him twice and we've had short conversations followed by msn chats. I really enjoy being able to hear his voice, as he does mine, more often than before, and I do feel that maybe my theory of typing being one of the best way to communicate is a tad flawed. So that's the first "closer".

The second thing I'm wrapping into that title is getting closer to finishing school- I've finished typing all my essays for literature, except one that I need assistance with writing; my dad and I have put together the Report and Identification sheets(R&Is) for Art, Music and P.E. which he evaluated and graded; and I did a full Algebra2 exam earlier this week and I am thinking I did pretty well on that. We will send in a bunch of things, hopefully, by the end of the week, and at that time also request they send the curriculum list(so I can somehow, figure a way out of English literature). I will then receive that list and my second-to-last report card. That's that "closer".

The thir
d and last is that I feel like my meeting with my habibi will be soon. It has been an 8month road, but we've stuck together and we'll have something to show for it soon. And I've been thinking that it'd be better if I had my license while he was here and eliminate the possibility of sitting around doing nothing or having to take the train into the city. So, I'll be driving constantly this weekend and for the next few weeks until I rack up my 50hrs, that I don't think I even have half of. That's what I get, I suppose, for waiting so long to get my permit. So, anyway, I'm getting closer to having my license too.

I'm sorry to bring too much mushiness into my "photoblog" but it's also about my life, I guess, anyway, so hey... :) I will keep this all of this updated as much as I can, as it goes down and I hope to be posting some shots from this new beauty of a camera as well as some shots of habibi and I together relatively soon, inshallah(
God willing).

What I'm now calling "Black Beauty"- Check it out!


Don said...

That is a fabulous camera! Nice shots of a fine looking machine. My wish is that you will get one for graduation!

An interesting account of the things going on in your life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Sidney said...

Exciting stuff going on in your life! Just enjoy !

Hadassah Intisar said...

Thanks for listening, Don ;) And it is SUCH a great camera, I was able to "play" a bit with it during the weekend and I'm excited to post some of the pictures. Stay tuned!

I will, Sidney, thanks! And Welcome, btw, hope to see you around here often :)

Don said...

Thanks for your regular visits to my site. I enjoy comments...spurs me on to try and find another shot to post! :-)