Monday, April 16, 2007

Plan B and Moroccan Trends

Now finished with the Nashville/Gatlinburg series I would like to share a bit about what's going on with me and the Morocco situation.
I was really trying to get there as soon as I could, but my dad has made it pretty clear that going to "that part of the world" with out a reason (i.e. wanting to and having a boyfriend there isn't enough) is not a good idea. Okay, so I feel him, I understand where he's coming from- he's my dad and he refers to me a "beautiful, 18yr old, blonde hair, blue eyed girl" as being "the one they'd be after" or something like that. In other words, he's afraid I'd be a target for predators(and here I was thinking it was about terrorism, silly me).

Anyway, so this brings me to my next not so original, kind of difficult, idea- Why not bring the boy here? Oh, did I mention that it's not so original, and also kind of difficult? I've thought of it before but we didn't think it would work, for multiple reasons. We've ruled out some of those reasons and now we think we only have one reason it may not work- the visa. It's kind of difficult to get, but considering my dad is on board now, I think it's possible to get it anyway. I've had my nay sayers critique already, but me and my family think that it may not be as difficult as it is perceived. Did I mention my family is in on this too? Yes, my family... Aaah, I love it! Okay, so this I guess could be considered as Plan B and habibi and dad are on board. Can life get better at this point? (Actually, yes it could, but I'm just really happy.)

So now I must say to the other nay sayers out there, please, don't send any nays my way. I don't need or want to hear it. I need all the positive energy and prayers possible for this effort. I do believe it is a good sign that my family is open to this idea and that maybe it just wasn't time yet to go to Morocco and when it is time, assuming all goes well, my dad will know someone personally who he would be able to trust with my safety.

Pictures from this weekend-
Proof that God knows the desires of my heart, look what I found (at Old Navy, of all places)...

Yep, the best spot to get lost is indeed, Morocco.. :)

And see here is a slightly modified necklace and earrings also from Old Navy.

Do you see the tiny Hand of Fatima on the bottom tier of the necklace and on the earrings?
I also saw a lot of other earrings that looked a bit Moroccan and was tempted to buy them but I've wanted some Hand of Fatima jewelry for a while now.

This is how I interpret such ethnic things being in American stores- America is seeing how wonderful the Moroccan and Arab cultures are, finally! I love being ahead of the trend.


Don said...

Your plan shows considerable resourcefulness on your part. Bring the boy here! I like it! The bangles and beads look quite nice. I like the pictures. The text conveys the ideas, but the pictures add a unique appeal. Keep us posted on the developments!

madnilk said...

hurm.... you sure are pretty, ho3 what kind of predators? :P

nice bracelets of morocco's you have there.... can you send me some?

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Darling girl, so hoping you can get the visa for him!

Hadassah Intisar said...

Thank you all for your kindness. I am hoping and praying everything will work out, inshallah.

Don, I can't help but feel uplifted after reading your comment(I like to be thought of as resourceful every once in a while).. I will keep everyone updated.

Madnilk, I'm not sure what type of predators my father was thinking other than those who would present danger to me, be it sexual or fatal.

Maryam, it is nice to hear from you again ;) I hope all is well?

Morocco Time said...

Oooh, Hadassah, I hadn't seen this entry. What kind of visa are you hoping to get for him? I'm glad you're not letting the naysayers get to you - remind me to tell you about my triumph over all of them concerning our DCF! (direct consular filing)

Hadassah Intisar said...

We were trying for a tourist visa, but we haven't filed any papers yet. We were trying to think of how to write the letter of invitation, exactly, when the consulate closed.

Please do email me,, and tell of your triumphs. I'd love to hear.