Sunday, May 20, 2007


This weekend was really about admiration for me. Admiring the Chicago architecture and it's diversity in style, era and height.
Admiring landmarks that will be forever known. Admiring that they are
preserved by their new "owners". Admiring weather conditions and knowing when to adapt your camera to those weather conditions.
Admiring friendliness of strangers who hold doors open or make children smile. Admiring the children themselves. Admiring fathers who take the fatherly role seriously and step into it without complaint, especially the young ones. Admiring fathers pushing strollers but carrying the child as if he feels he needs hold her as much as he can before she grows too big. Admiring the dark curls of small girls and the waves of tall boys.
Admiring the colors of things seen with the naked eye(or the sunglassed eye). Admiring the effort to capture those colors in a picture. Admiring the work of other photographers. Admiring the work of designers well known and not so well known. Admiring window displays. Admiring clothes and shoes that can't be afforded to be admired in my own closet.

Admiring the way a man can correct me, and prove that he's right , without having me upset with him after- it amazes me.

My Lord! Admiring, admiring, admiring... Oh yes, AND feeling blessed, but that's another story that I'll save for when I can better put it into words.

5 comments: said...

A fine series with the comment so complementary to the images. My favorite has to be the young man holding his daughter. Your observation powers are considerable and introspective - a rare quality in young people! Does that make any sense? :-) The bottom line: Fine photographic and editorial level of expression.

Intern said...

beautiful shots, showing diversity of Chicago ...

the first one is St james cathedral, it's spectacular from inside.

Yeah I feel the same , so much to admire!!!!

Sidney said...

Great shots! Nice attitude in life!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I recognize the last fella:-)

Hadassah Intisar said...

Don- I think that's my favorite too(well, other than the last one ;)) Thank you so much for the complements! I am always observing, always, maybe another reason why I don't talk much...

Intern- I have never been inside the St. James, but I love the outside! I'll have to go one day.

Sidney- Thanks!

Maryam- :-D