Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My Own Love of Tulips

Tulips.. I love them. I think mostly because they are very simple and modern while being classic. I'm talking like they are a pair of shoes or something, but I really think that's why I'm drawn to them. There is such variety in tulips too: large, small, some with double the petals, some single, some look fluted, some have pointed petals, some are just the original style and of course there are so many colors and a lot of the hybrid ones have two different colors. Ah! perfection in flower form, ok, almost, roses are just about as versatile. If only calla lilies were as colorful..

I'm going to spare the tulip post of my life details for now and see if I can go find some more to photograph. I've started a "Tulips" file in my Fotki "Playing with Cameras" album, and I'm hoping to get a variety going. Maybe I'll go back to the tulip lined Michigan Ave. this weekend and shoot more- hint hint, Hope Ann ;)

Anyway, off I go, out to the yard, and surrounding yards. Be back with more tulips.

To see the original of above Tulip shot - click here


StefanieTengler said...

I dont like tulips so much, but it is great what you made out of this "stupid" tulip!! ;) Kisses

Don said...

A fine tulip shot. My single tulip blossom finally caught the eye of one of the youngster who live around here...and it brought joy to some little hand, I suspect! :-) Nice shooting.

Sidney said...

Nice! You should go to Holland!

Hadassah Intisar said...


I'm glad you like! I'm having fun with the variety I've been seeing so hopefully this series won't get boring.

Steffi, Steffi.... lol You'll have to tell me why you don't like tulips.

Don- I feel for ya, my little sisters picked one of the loners by the back patio, but like you said, I'm sure it brought them joy :) And thankfully I have more around the walk.

Sidney- Holland is on my list, lol, and actually tulips are part of the reason...