Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Rush St.- Complex Simplicity

Okay.. Click on that picture..

That is the infamous Rush St. that I am always talking about. Now, it may not seem to be all that great, but believe me, it is. It's the hottest street in Chicago, to me anyway, and I'm about to explain why. Before I do, click that picture and find in the right hand side, right above the the highest black awning, the Starbucks logo- that's my absolute favorite Starbucks( other than the one on Wells that is open 24hrs).

Now, This is that Starbucks.

Inside (sorry so blurry)- always PACKED- sometimes there are well known stars seen here, like R. Kelly and Joan Cusack, and always there are international faces, which to me is more important.
Outside- there is seating to the left of the girl right there, which is awesome in the summer time.
This is what used to be Gloria Jean's Coffee(yes, I'm addicted to coffee shops), it's Whisper's or something now, but still a coffee shop. What I love is that it's very European, solely outdoor seating right between two streets- totally something you'd see in a movie set in France, I think. Another that is great on summer nights (when Starbucks is closed).
Something that find really great about this street is that it almost always looks nice. Either lined with beautiful people by day or beautiful cars and lights by night. It's lined with quirky upscale boutiques, clubs, lounges, and restaurants. All of the restaurants here valet and being that there is such fame seen here you can imagine that there will be some quite expensive cars on a given night. It's not surprising to see Bentley, Rolls, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Mercades, BMW-if it's expensive, you'll just about see it. They line the street with attractive cars and park the less attractive elsewhere. Growing up with mostly boys around the house, I appreciate nice cars quite a bit.Ok, so those are the normal reasons to like it, but now for the explanation of my *cough*obsession*cough* with this street.
Btw, this is where you get to see my weird ways..

My memories-

My first time ever to a Starbucks, was there.

My first time to ever drink coffee, was in that Starbucks.

The first Moroccan I ever met, I met there.

My first ever real introduction to Moroccan culture, was there.

I saw real love there.

I saw true fun there.

I've written poems there.

I've driven down this street, Arabic music blasting on summer nights.

I've walked it at 2:30 in the morning and felt safe.

I've studied there and people watched there.

I've gotten dressed up to just walk the street on a Friday night or a Saturday morning.

And I've woken up at 8am on a Saturday, just to go there and have coffee.

Just seemingly insignificant little memories of the way I feel life should be.

It's a simplicity and a complexity all wrapped in one and that's what draws me in.


Don said...

A fabulous series of photographs and comment that convey your love for this particular Starbucks and its environment. Very expressive comment. Well done!
My favorite hangout is Starbucks #360...one of the first ones in my city.

madnilk said...

hello, hows life? sorry long time not drop by, kind of busy with family affair....

well, great picture with great artistic skill, that picture might seems blur but not for me!!

how i hope one day i can reach America and maybe that street!! wish me luck

Sidney said...

You owe Starbucks a lot ! ;-)

Don said...

I looked up the Oak and Rush street store in Starbucks "store locator" and brought up a map of the area. Fun to do and pinned the location down for me. Nice shots.

Intern said...

Really lovely read..
I love starbucks too!!!

Okay I clicked the first shot to enlarge and on the left side saw two hearts...and thought probably you made it...one is your heart ...have you donr any such crazy stuff?

Hadassah Intisar said...

Wow! I think this is probably the most comments I have ever had on one post.. Ok, as for answering them, here goes..
Firstly I'm glad most if not all of you share my love for Starbucks lol, and thank you to all of you for commenting.

Don- thanks for the double comment lol, aren't maps so cool sometimes! I actually was looking at Washington(state)this morning.

Madnilk-Good luck! I hope you are able to see it one day!

Sidney-I know, I guess it's good I love coffee.

Intern- I'm glad you enjoyed it :) I don't see the hearts tho...hmm, where exactly do you see them?

Intern said...

hey I was just kidding,
about the two heart ... anyways it's in the the first picture ...in the
building Barney's NewYork...next to number 5!

Keep writing such great stuff and we'll be here ...

Hadassah Intisar said...

Ha! Wow! I'm so tired from school today! I kept looking at the right side of the picture... lol

I'm glad you like my writing, I was beginning to second guess that part of my blogging. Thanks for the reassurance.

madnilk said...

tq for your wish and hoping it will come true