Monday, June 18, 2007

Children Inspire/revised

Breaking away from my love of macro, I thought I'd pull into showing some of my favorite inspirations- children. Not my little sisters necessarily, but other kids that I shoot candidly. I've been hanging around my nephews' baseball games lately and I have to tell you, there is something about baseball at dusk. It's so pretty.. for lack of a better word.. Anyway, I'm going to try to post a few candids when I have time(still trying to nip algebra in the bud).

I just realized that I didn't really explain this shot to y'all- they were definitely not playing baseball... lol.. they were playing "football" with the Gatorade bottle and the little girl is curiously examining a water spout.

2 comments: said...

An interesting moment in these guys's game. I like the action of one who is apparently reaching for the Gatorade bottle. Nice shot.

Hadassah Intisar said...

I thought they were so cute. He was actually trying to teach my nephew(the blonde) how to punt with a gravel filled Gatorade bottle. You should've seen it fly, man, those kids are quite gifted in the area of sports.