Thursday, June 14, 2007

Deeper Meaning(prayer request)..

While struggling to find the deeper meaning of algebra, I find myself trying to find the deeper meaning in other things as well. I've been facing a few issues this week, mostly those in my head- trying to figure things out prematurely, as usual, trying to plan ahead. My mind is going 240 and doesn't want to stay put, so I'm a bit in need of prayer. If you can spare a minute, please say a prayer for me. My focus and motivation is key in the next few days to be able to finish this algebra by the deadline of June 16th. Things as of right now aren't looking so great, but I know that with God things can change in a matter of minutes, seconds even.

Thank you in advance!

Staying positive and confident :)

2 comments: said...

You are positive...that is very good. My prayers are with you...hang in there. Trust...and He will make your paths straight!

Still said...

A beautiful picture.