Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Needing Peace

A shot from last week's gallivanting around the city, one I call "Peaceful Contemplation". Today, I need peace. My thoughts have been everywhere the past 2-3weeks and I need to slow down and just take a minute to rest my mind. Everywhere I turn there's been some type of chaos, not that I'm not enjoying my life, I am just overwhelmed with my problems and my family's problems as well. So, I'm off to take a break for about an hour, pray in tongues a little, sleep, and just soak up God's peace. Hopefully, it'll be enough to get me back on track a little and maybe help me focus more on finishing Algebra(which, I know, I'm supposed to be done with by now) before I leave for China in two weeks.

P.s. This shot, of Diamond Tucker, was taken with the Pentax, and I'm proud to say I'm pretty sure it was on manual focus(not that it's the greatest feat, but I'm still proud of how well it turned out).


Sebastian said...

I hope you get your peace. Take it slow and easy and let go of all the chaos. I'm jealous of your trip to China, I hope you get a ton of pictures to share.

Hadassah Intisar said...

Sebastian- Thank you SO much for commenting. As for China, I hope I get a lot of good shots too!