Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 3rd

Clicking on the top shot will give you better definition of the magnitude of people that were in downtown Chicago for the fireworks on July 3rd. I loved that you could see the lights from The Taste in the middle.
The fireworks are so so.. I'm not entirely proud of this one, although it's one of the only ones I thought would be ok to post with out processing because the brightness and the ISO was pretty good. I have soooooo many pics to process from the past week that my computer and lightroom are both protesting. So it may be a while before I get them up, and instead of like 5000 posts full of fireworks I'll just post a Fotki album for random browsing. That's another thing I've been working on, Fotki albums- who knew uploading could be so time consuming!?!


don said...

The downtown shot of Chicago looks great when enlarged. Fine detail. The fireworks shot is attractive too. Very nice images today!

Hadassah Intisar said...

Thank you, Don! :)