Sunday, October 7, 2007

Door and Crank

While we were in Milwaukee a few weeks ago we went to a Scandinavian furniture store. I happened to have brought the Pentax with and took a few cool shots.... I told Don at Slackwater, earlier, that I would respond to his "Handle" post today with another handle. Don, this one about is it, but I think it reminds me a little more of Otto K... The one below reminds me much more of you, as soon as I saw it I thought, "I should take one of this, it's very "Don"" :)
The truth is, when I shoot, I'm always thinking of one of my photoblogger friends, whether it be Justin Gaynor when I'm shooting the beach, Jyoti when I'm shooting scenes downtown, or Don when I'm shooting mechanical things or flowers in the wind, or even Otto K. when I'm shooting abandoned parking lots. I'm always thinking and striving to be better, to be a great photographer. Thank you all for setting the standard (VERY HIGH, mind you)! I enjoy challenging myself as I try to meet that standard.


don said...

Your "handle shot" is very well done, Hadassah. Thanks for the nice compliment of you thinking about me when you see a certain shot! I think your shots are unique and totally Hadassah even though they are of somehting I might have noticed and shot! :-) Keep using that photographer's eye to see shots...even when you don't have the camera with you. Have a good week.

Otto K. said...

Nice ones. Good color on the door.