Monday, November 26, 2007

New Blog Review

Thank you, Sebastian, for your comment on the new blog and for giving me an idea..

I just thought of this and I would be forever grateful if you could check out my new site and tell me what you think. Sebastian said he didn't like to have to scroll down to see the full pic, I totally agree, I just have to find the correct pixels ratio to change it to(any tips? I shoot 10 Mpx).

To be completely honest, I usually just wing it when it comes to blogging. I have no idea what half the stuff is and people will ask me questions about blogging or photography or my camera and i'm like "Yeah. Mmhmm. Oh, I dunno..I'm not sure." I end up sounding like a dork, not knowing terminology, but really I think if I how to use it and take good pics maybe that's all that matters, for now. Or maybe I should get some camera/processing/blogging books.

Anyway, please check out the new site as posted below and on the right -> and give me your feedback. Like I said I'll be forever grateful to know what may make these sites more user friendly and more visitor worthy :)

Thanks in advance!!!


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