Thursday, December 13, 2007

Work of Grace

I have been saving the picture for a special occasion, because I really enjoy it's symbolization. Today I have posted it because I need a work of grace. My brother has informed me that it took 26hrs to move the pictures from my external drive to his spare computer, and after such a tedious process, is not sure the pictures all transfered correctly and are viewable. I'm doing my best to stay calm and collected about it, but it is my life as a photographer that we're speaking of-literally ALL of my pictures from the past 3yrs are on there not to mention even older family photos. SO ANYWAY, I just ask you to please stand in agreement and prayer that I'll get them all in tact.




don said...

I like the timely picture very much. My best wishes, prayer and thoughts are with you on the satisfactory transfer of the pictures. Can you transfer them over to another hard drive. I'm not sure I understand the problem and why you are transferring them to another computer.Slackwater

Steffi said...

OMG! I am suffering with you!!! :D