Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Pass the Cheer"

Not really been keeping up too well with the blogs lately, sorry for that. I will continue to post what new photos I have, and hopefully I'll not run out of the ones that are already on my computer while awaiting a fixed external drive. I am still shooting tho, so when I get the drive back I'll have a ton to add to it. I've also been doing my best to catch up on my studies, which is another reason for less posting and also less commenting. So if you're not getting many comments from me, you know it's not because I've stopped visiting, only because I glance and go.

Anyway, enjoy a Starbucks capture and "Pass the Cheer" ;)

1 comment:

don said...

A nice shot today Hadassah. I'm on my way to Starbucks after I write this. Hitting the books is a good idea! Have a good day. Slackwater