Friday, February 1, 2008

Keith House

Keith House, 1900 S. Prairie Ave.

Built in 1870 it is thought to be the oldest existing mansion on the Avenue. Elbridge Gerry Keith a wealthy banker and wholesaler hired architect Jonathan W. Roberts to design this three story structure and stable. The main residence is about 7100 square feet. Constructed of top quality materials including Joliet limestone and red brick this home has many of its original details still intact: plaster moldings large windows fire place mantels mahogany woodwork and parquet inlayed floors. The home has been transformed over the years. The 2100 square foot stable was recently renovated and converted into a two bedroom two bath coach house with beamed ceilings hardwood floors and a family room and an attached two car garage. 1900 S. Prairie Avenue is located on a quiet cul-de-sac historical street. It is situated next to the Chicago Women's Park and Gardens; a beautiful block long well-kept City park featuring Chicago's oldest home the Clark House. The residence has a large back yard parking and a drive-way.

Description as pulled from a Yahoo! Real Estate listing. The asking price is $4,300,000! I wish I had that kind of money. Although if I did, I'd prefer to own the Marshall Field Jr. Mansion across and down the street.


don said...

That is a beautiful place and wonderful looking architecture. I can't imagine living in a place with that square footage...I'd get tired going from one end to the other! :-) Nice job of shooting it. The whole area sounds like a great place to look for pictures. Have a good weekend, Hadassah!

Anonymous said...

This is truely a beautiful home. To see that it has remained as it was in 1870 in amazing. I love it and couldn't imagine living in such a grand would be a wonderful adventure to restore a piece of Chicago's history. Hopefully it will once again shine as it did in 1870.