Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kimball House

This house is definitely one of my favorites on Prairie Ave. I love the intricate carvings(click image to enlarge), turrets, the iron work, green window frames, and of course the wrought iron fence. Another thing adding to my love for this house is that it's currently occupied by the US Soccer Federation. Having played the sport for many years and being a fan of the US teams, it's really cool to know the base of operations is so close. (description as copied from US Soccer Fed.)

Kimball House, 1801 S. Prairie Ave.
Dating back to 1873, the Soccer House was built by William Wallace Kimball, founder of Kimball pianos and organs; Joseph Coleman, president of a hardware manufacturing firm; and Coleman’s wife, Leonora, who served on the board of the Women’s Christian Association in 1886. U.S. Soccer is currently leasing both buildings.

The Kimball House, built of Bedford limestone and topped with a slate roof, has an exterior consisting of numerous large and small turrets, gables, balconies and ornamental iron-railed galleries. The interior of Kimball House is as extravagant as its exterior, with wood abundant throughout. The ceilings are beamed in oak and mahogany, and fireplaces made of onyx warm the parlor.

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Sidney said...

That is indeed a fairy tale house!