Thursday, March 20, 2008


Getting excited for school to be coming to a close in the next few months. I visited my college of choice, Columbia College Chicago, on Saturday. My visit solidified my thoughts on this school- it's awesome! Its students are SO talented. The teachers are skilled, and working in the industry now. I can't wait to go there. This shot is of a room in the 10th floor developing lab(that overlooks Lake Michigan).


don said...

An interesting shot of the high up! Columbia College is known for its diverse and wide selection of coursework in the visual media and performing arts with an accent on practical real-world experiences.
Fine choice for you! Nice to see your post!

don said...

Hadassah, it was great to see your name in my list of commentors today. Thanks for visiting and for commenting on my lake shot. I've wondered how it's going for you. All the best... Don

Maryam said...

This sounds fantastic! Have they accepted you?