Thursday, June 5, 2008

Creeping out of my shell...


Haven't been here in a while.....

Well, I have some exciting news and I wanted to share that, but at the same time I wanted to ask a little help.

talented swimwear designer. You mayMy brother, Jeremy's, girlfriend, Beata, is a very remember me talking about doing a few photoshoots for her a while back which resulted in these (She models too) -

Well, her first fashion show is coming up on June 20 at Jedynka club downtown and guess who's the photographer? Yep, me! Not the only photographer, but the one who lives closest and will be giving the most time to it, I'm sure(I live across the street from Beata).

One Problem- I don't have a clue how to shoot runway. I mean yeah, I can take pictures, but of moving targets...? Help!!!
We'll be in a dark, club, environment, with a brightly lit runway. I usually shoot full manual, w/o AF or AWB, mostly because I prefer my judgment to the camera's. I'm using the Pentax K10 D, which I'm sure will need an external flash (that I've never used). I have two lenses- a 18-55mm and I want to say a 22-200mm (not sure, Ben just bought it and I haven't seen it). I will be going to the rehearsal on June 9th and I'm hoping I'll be able to get a feel for what settings I'll need to be using. But, I'm not sure, exactly what I'm getting myself into. Indoor shooting has not been my forte.
So I turn to you my wonderful, talented and experienced, readers. Any suggestions?

It's times like these when I realize just how inexperienced I am. *sigh* Hopefully, not for very long.

Also this weekend, my sister, Jen, asked me to take pictures of my nephew, Alex, at the Aquafina Hit, Pitch and Run championships at US Cellular(White Sox) Field. I'm excited to able to document that for them. She's so proud of him, being the All Around Champ in the 7-8yr old age bracket, one of 4 kids in the whole state to go to the championship. So, GO ALEX!

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donq said...

Hi...nice to see your post, Hadassah. A flash will be necessary I would think and I would advise the use of a normal to slight wide-angle lens to help get the focus right on for a moving target. By all means, shoot before hand to adjust the flash to ambient light levels to get a shot well lit but not overwhelmed with the flash. It will freeze the action, but the camera must focus accurately. At the shoot, get one or two and take the time to stop and look at the histogram, or image to be sure you're getting a usable image.
Then have fun - in spite of the nervousness! :-)