Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nouvelle Couture @ Jedynka

This is it, y'all!
I shot the Nouvelle Couture - Summer '08 Line last Friday. The Designer loved my pictures and has recommended me for another show this Friday! I'm thanking God for all these connections I'm creating already in my career. Only He knows what is in store for me- and from here it's looking pretty sweet!

Thanks also to those of you who told me what equipment to use. It was quite a help, though in the end I had to go with my gut and experience. Most of these were taken with f/3.5 and ISO 800 and the use of the on board flash only. A few had issues with too much light, I need to work on that but over all I was very proud of my product.

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don said...

Your "shoot" of the show looks very good. That they want you to do some more is a solid indication of success. Congratulations on a fine result! Nice to see your posting again!