Monday, July 28, 2008

A good day...

I woke up today with :
- full 10 hrs of sleep for the first time in like I don't even know how long
- messages in my inbox from three of my favorite photographers (you know who you are!)
- a phone call reminding me that my brother-in-law is on vacation, therefore I wouldn't have babysit(all week)

Not only all that, BUT!

- I got to take my time in the shower
- I have my infamous White Chocolate Coconut Sour Cream Cake in the oven
- I got a request from one of my brother's friends to shoot a wedding on Friday
- And we have a double birthday party tonight!

Today is a Good Day

Oops! Got to Go, cake timer is going off...


1 comment:

don said...

It was good to hear that things are looking up in your life, Hadassah. Rest and fresh cake will solve many of our problems... Save me a piece of that cake, okay? :-)