Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My new collection....

You'd think I was a Film Enthusiast or something with all this -

(left to right : Yashica TLElectro w/a formula5 lens and original 50mm lens (completely manual, from what I can tell) ; a Gossen pilot light meter; a Vivitar 28 (?) flash; a Vivitar PS35 auto point and shoot; a Milolta Maxxum 5000i w/original 35-80mm AF lens and a Samyang AF 70-210mm macro zoom lens; and last but not least a Nikon N2020 base with like 3 lenses- 28 mm, RMC Tokina doubler, 50 mm, and 70-210 mm all AF; a Vivitar 3700 flash; and a couple rolls of film)

Well I'm not not (yes, a double neg = a pos) a film enthusiast - I actually love the thought of taking film shots and developing them myself (tho the darkroom at Columbia is very murder movie-esque)- but I have no idea what I'm doing. With all this stuff though, I figured that I should start figuring it out. SO, with that, I've enlisted the help of a fellow photoblogger, Sebastian a.k.a sull3n, to help me out- actually he offered, but I gladly accepted. He's a true film enthusiast (ok, he just really loves it) and I'm glad because he has passion I can sense when we talk about it that makes me want a taste.

So starting tomorrow I'm going to shoot some film and he's promised he'd pull some film out of the freezer for me and shoot as well. :) 36 exposures, I believe?

I'm VERY excited!

Ok, Sebastian- Ready, Set, GO! :P


don said...

A very interesting collection of photo gear. I'm glad you have a person to help you learn the ropes when it comes to developing film. There is something very fulfilling about standing in a darkroom agitating film, fixing it and taking the first look at your negatives.
Best of luck...you'll have a great time with this!

Otto K. said...

Very cool. Nice collection. Have fun shooting film.

Anonymous said...

I love your photography! Great contrast and texture! I am a photography student working to be a professional photographer and would love any advice you have! Please let me know your muses and why. I really would appreciate it! Thank you!

Diane - Daily Walks said...

Wow, that is quite the collection of "tools"! I think I'm envious. Good for you for investing in your passion.